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The Sindhi community who were the first to arrive in the country, initially came as traders and shopkeepers, and gradually, in the 1950s and 1960s, a few ventures out in the manufacturing industries such as garments, plastics, textiles, insecticides, electronics, pharmaceuticals, optical goods etc... Some Indians who have lived in Ghana for most of their lives have even acquired Ghanaian citizenship, which is granted without any discrimination. Some families are now the fourth generation in Ghana.

Most members of the local Indian Diaspora are well off. They are either independent businessmen with branches also in neighboring countries, or employees of various local companies.

As far as records show, the first Indian (Sindhworki), Bhai Boolchand, landed on the shores of the ‘Gold Coast’ in the year 1890. Nearly twenty years later, in the year 1919, the first Sindhi company was established by two brothers, namely Tarachand Jasoomal Daswani and Metharam Jasoomal Daswani. They opened a store in the market place in the city of Cape Coast (which was the capital city in those days) in the year 1919, under the name of Metharam Jassomal Brothers. Their business flourished and branches were opened in Accra and Kumasi. Few years later, the two brothers separated and whilst Bhai Metharam Jasoomal continued his business under ‘Metharam Brothers’, Bhai Tarachand Jasoomal operated his business under the name ‘Bombay Bazaar’. These were the first two Indian companies that were established in Ghana then the ‘Gold Coast’. In the 1920s, two more Indian firms were established under the name of Lilaram Thanwardas and Mahtani Brothers, and this trend continued in the 1930s and 1940s with the birth of several more Indian companies, namely T. Chandirams, Punjabi Brothers, Wassiamal Brothers, Hariram Brothers, K. Chellaram & Sons, G. Motiram, D. P. Motwani, G. Dayaram, V. Lokumal, Glamour etc… Soon after, as these companies were bringing in new expatriate staff, some staff left their employers, and ventured on their own and more and more companies opened up. After 1947, the ‘Gold Coast’ attracted the attention of some Indian multinational companies, and big names like Chanrai, Bhojsons, K. A. J. Chotirmal, Dalamals, A. D. Gulab opened branches in Ghana. The employment of Ghanaians by these founding companies has also helped to lessen the burden of unemployment in the country. This amply demonstrates the level of commitment India has in the developmental agenda of Ghana. Indians are not only investing in the manufacturing and commercial sectors of the country, they are also investing in the financial sector. Bank of Baroda, one of the biggest and most reputable banks in India recently established a branch in Ghana and hopefully it will expand its operations in other parts of the country very soon.

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