Ghana : “Stroke” causing more deaths in the Eastern Region

The 2012 Annual Statistical Report of the Koforidua Regional Hospital has stated that Cardiovascular Accident (CVA) or “stroke” would gradually top the chart of prominent diseases that are causing many deaths in the country.

According to the report, CVA topped the ten major causes of deaths recorded at the hospital in 2012 with a figure of 141 representing 14.1 percent of the total deaths.

The figure indicated a rise of 25 percent as compared to that of 2011 which recorded 116 deaths, representing 11.4 per cent of total deaths that year.

Dr Kwame Anim Boamah, the Hospital Director, said the rise in hypertension and diabetic diseases were the prime causes of the CVA adding that hypertension and diabetes were aggravated into stroke due to cigarette smoking, alcohol intake and eating of more fatty foods.

He advised hypertensive and diabetic patients to stop smoking and drinking alcohol in order to avoid contracting stroke.

Dr Boamah also urged Ghanaians to make it a task to regularly visit their health centres for regular blood pressure checkups.

He also entreated the media to talk more about hypertension and diabetes concerns and educate the public on ways to avoid getting the disease.

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